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Suburb Surveillance

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Do you not sometimes wish that we lived in a society where your children are safe to play outside?

suburb surveillance

suburb surveillance

Where neighbourhood kids can play cricket or push milk crate go carts up and down the street. Even just to walk down the street without wondering if you are safe?
Gone are the days of old when children could disappear for hours on end without their parents being sick of worry about their safety. Because of this, more and more enclosed residential suburbs and communities are popping up everywhere. Suburb surveillance has become something to consider seriously.
According to a paper: ‘Enclosed neighbourhoods in perspective’ by Adri van de Wetering there are two main definitions of enclosed residential suburbs and communities.

Security villages: These are new developments where a variety of housing types and even social facilities are often found. In some instances the roads are not private.

Enclosed townships: These are existing residential areas, where a fence is erected as a boundary. Some of the existing access roads are closed while others are merely controlled.

Call these enclosed residential suburbs and communities what you like, people do not really care if they are public roads or not; suburb surveillance is what they think about.

Only high fences and boom gates, with security guards, which allow access to the entrance and exit points, give people a sense of security. Boom gates do limit unwanted vehicles, like trucks or taxis, entrance and thus assist with suburban surveillance.

Unfortunately not all security guards at boom gates check every person that comes in and goes out. They are also unable to know where the person in the car is going to inside the suburb or community and what their intention is for being there. Some security companies have a patrol car that patrols the streets. Ultimately, they are not always able to keep a close eye on everything at all times resulting in less than 100% suburb surveillance.

Remote Offsite Monitoring allows for 100% suburb surveillance with security cameras placed in strategic spots in streets to form a complete security viewing grid. All streets can then be monitored at an offsite control room for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Whenever criminal – or unauthorised activities take place the security guards will be alerted by the control room operator.

Living in an enclosed residential suburb or community does not necessarily mean that children can start playing in the street again. But it does give that little bit of extra peace of mind to know that there are eyes on your home and loved once. There is control on who enters the suburb or community, 24/7, and suburb surveillance is in place.

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